Daniel H. Larkin

I recently completed my Ph.D. in theoretical computer science at Princeton University under the guidance of Bob Tarjan. Before that I was at UIUC working loosely with Jeff Erickson.

My primary research interests lie in the design and analysis of data structures and graph algorithms.

Unlike the tired stereotype of the research-focused professor, I actually do care a great deal about teaching. I make it a habit of sharing knowledge whenever I can—whether it's teaching a traditional course, giving a talk, conducting a code review, tutoring a young student, or scribbling a series of bar-napkin diagrams—and I'm always looking for more opportunities to do so.

I co-founded and am currently working as the CTO of Recordz. We are actively developing a music platform geared toward independent artists and hope to bring it to the public soon.


  1. Compressing Trees with a Sledgehammer
    Daniel H. Larkin
    Ph.D. Thesis, PDF
  2. Nested Set Union
    Daniel H. Larkin, Robert E. Tarjan
    ESA 2014, PDF
  3. A Back–to–Basics Emperical Study of Priority Queues
    Daniel H. Larkin, Siddhartha Sen, Robert E. Tarjan
    ALENEX 2014, PDF — Full Version, arXiv
  4. Disjoint Set Union with Randomized Linking
    Ashish Goel, Sanjeev Khanna, Daniel H. Larkin, Robert E. Tarjan
    SODA 2014, PDF
  5. Better Approximation Algorithms for the Graph Diameter
    Shiri Chechik, Daniel H. Larkin, Liam Roditty, Grant Schoenebeck, Robert E. Tarjan, Virginia Vassilevska Williams
    SODA 2014, PDF

Curriculum Vitae

I do not have a fancy HTML CV prepared, but here's a PDF.